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How long does a VA home loan take

“How long does a VA home loan take?” is a topic that several first-time homebuyers have.

And it’s a difficult question to answer.

Purchasing a home is a multi-step process that is unique to each individual. However, there is a persistent misconception that VA loans take an eternity to close. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case at all.

How long does a VA home loan take

In reality, if you look at the figures closely, there isn’t much of a distinction between VA and conventional loans; the typical traditional loan of purchase was completed in 47 days during the first three months of 2019, compared with 49 days on VA loans.

Let’s look at five major elements that might influence the time it takes to get a VA loan. First, it’s critical for both you and your customers to understand the specifics of “how long does a VA home loan take.”

Have you been pre-approved?

It’s among the most effective strategies to cut down on time spent waiting. A “pre-approved buyer” has satisfied the fundamental standards of a lender and therefore is likely to be accepted for a loan if such terms are fulfilled. Preapproval for a VA loan indicates that a buyer is likely to get financing, which avoids a great deal of uncertainty and inconvenience.

How long does a VA home loan take

When is it appropriate for a buyer to seek preapproval? As quickly as possible. Many lenders advise being pre-approved months before you start looking for a home. This wiggle room allows potential purchasers to work out any qualifying issues before falling in love with a house.

Timelines for buyers and sellers:

When would you like to start living here? When will the seller wish to vacate the property?

Just because a house is for sale doesn’t imply the owners are eager to sell right away. The vendors may choose to remain till the conclusion of the school year. Perhaps they’ll have to wait till their new house is finished.

How long does a VA home loan take

And it’s possible that the buyer would be in the same position as you. Buyers and sellers must agree on an end date, accelerating or slowing down the whole procedure.

How long does a VA home loan appraisal take?

A VA appraisal is required for a house acquired with a VA loan. A VA-approved appraiser may only perform a VA appraisal.

VA lenders are in charge of ordering VA assessments, which take on average ten days to complete. However, because VA appraisers are few in rural regions, purchasers can expect the VA assessment to take longer in these locations.

Will there be any repairs required?

The VA appraisal findings might potentially speed up or slow down the closing process.

If a house is appraised as “subject to” repairs by the VA, the improvements must be performed even before the loan will close. Therefore, the closing date might be pushed back by days or weeks if significant repairs are required.

The ultimate timetable may be affected by the appraisal value. VA loans are limited to the appraised value of the house. Buyers will have to ponder (and wait) if the appraisal value is less than the buying price. Buyers have two options:

  • Request a price reduction from the vendor.
  • Request a Value Reconsideration
  • Make up the financial difference.
  • Don’t make the transaction.

How long will it take to become underwritten?

Any VA loan application is subject to approval underwriting after the appraisal. Therefore, the closing date may vary if an underwriter requires further documents or discovers an eligibility issue.

A piece of caution for buyers: You’re on the verge of completing the transaction, so don’t get too worked up. You’ll be in good condition for a speedy closing if you’re as helpful as possible throughout this phase.


We hope now you have all answers to “How long does a VA home loan take?”

In conclusion, predicting how long the purchasing process will take is quite tricky.

What is the takeaway? You have control over what you can:

  • Obtain preapproval.
  • Consult a qualified VA lender.
  • Select a reputable agent.
  • Choose a home that is in good shape.

And let go of the things you can’t. Allow yourself some wiggle space and prepare for a fantastic adventure!

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